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The appliances and plumbing systems in your home make all the difference in the world when it comes to comfort. A building is dependent upon intricate fixtures and fittings to meet all the necessary requirements. At N&P Heating and Plumbing, we provide a wide range of services to cater to your residential needs. For almost three decades that we have been in business, we have learnt how to tailor services depending on the needs of a client. Whether you have moved into a house that requires new installations or live in an old one that calls for repairs, we are the people to call in Cardiff.

Inegras Boiler isntallations

Quality Plumbing Services Cardiff

Poor installation or repairs can cost you a lot of money over time. It is why we insist on providing superior services. If you need new parts for a boiler, AC unit or plumbing, we ensure that they are genuine. Enjoy peace of mind with guarantees on all our work. Safety is a crucial component when installing home appliances, and we are gas safe registered to provide it. Our technicians stay up to date on current gas safe regulations in the region.

Gas Installations Services Cardiff

Gas Installations Cardiff

When you need a gas installation in your home, N&P Heating & Plumbing provides qualified professionals. If you are looking to upgrade your cooker to an energy efficient one, then the expertise of a gas safe technician is necessary. In the case of gas repairs, we can do that as well. For a landlord who needs safety checks, we have the capabilities.

Boiler Installations Cardiff

Boiler Repairs Cardiff

Boiler problems vary widely and can lead to so much frustration for a homeowner. A faulty boiler can cause a substantial loss of money on inflated energy bills. With your repair services, you can solve such problems. We provide repairs for some of the biggest brands such as Baxi and Worcester. You can count on genuine part in case your boiler needs them. When a boiler has outlived its usefulness, then a replacement is the best option. Consult our technicians when you need help picking an energy efficient boiler for your residential needs.

Central Heating Installations Cardiff

Central Heating Cardiff

Inefficient heating in a residential property can make life unbearable, especially during winter. Any heating solutions you require, we can provide; from thermostatic showers to heated towel rails. Are you looking for a radiator that is good enough for your place? Talk to us. We understand that homeowners have different needs when it comes to heating. While one may prefer heat pumps, another one may opt for under floor heating.

We access the plumbing, central heating or cooling needs of your residence and then give you the best picks. Call us for all your domestic needs in Cardiff.

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